The Virkki collection - the collected cultural history of handicrafts


Tyyne-Kerttu VirkKi's collection of over 3500 objects is an important store of Finnish, and especially Karelian, handicraft culture and history. The collection has been donated to the Finnish Handicraft Museum in Jyväskylä, where it forms its own Virkki handicraft collection. Cataloguing and conservation work for the collection is currently underway at the museum.

For more information on the collection and collection work, please contact the Finnish Handicraft Museum.


Excepts from the collection


The Virkki collection includes forty Karelian käspaikkas. The collections include embroidered käspaikkas, lace-decorated käspaikkas, and lace and red-picked käspaikkas.

Consumer accessories


The collection includes mittens collected from the Karelian region, as well as many different home textiles.

Hand-made Objects


During her travels around the world, Tyyne-Kerttu Virkki collected a collection of handicrafts made of different materials.